Good Riddance, Remainer Gormley!

I could probably have put together some spare bits of wood and created something as (un-) impressive as this…..


an abstract standing human figure comprised entirely of rectangular metal blocks of various sizes


…when I was in kindergarten!

So I can’t imagine why any Brit worth his or her salt should be as emotionally devastated as some Guardian hack plainly thinks we should be…

… news of the departure of its creator, Antony Gormley, for the Fourth Reich, to become a German citizen, as he got his artistic knickers in a twist over Brexit…



…and cannot untwist them.

Just can’t handle being part of an independent country.

He’s a man of 70 or thereabouts, so at least he’s probably safe from migrant molestation…

They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!


…a problem that often impacts young Germans of the female sort….

…but it’s still risky being an oldster in today’s Germany where, infamously, a…

Young Iraqi migrant beats 92-year-old German woman to death

Oh, he also says –

Britain has fallen into the hands of self-seeking people who are not interested in public service but their personal careers, and that’s a shame..’

So it is, and it’s nothing new.

Jellyfish Johnson is a disgrace…



…as were May and Cameron too.

But running out on your home and native land is ignoble.

Lousy leadership should engender not craven flight but stout resistance.