UK Pravda Relays Trumpophobe Witch-Hunt


That clown Trevelyan…

BBC Twit Trevelyan – Britain ‘Almost Invented’ Slavery!- 

…noted for her perspicacity, or should we say frail grasp of historical accuracy, led us into the block-buster witch-hunt show.

Her assertion that the Pelosi Panel producing the show…


…Pelosi  – a face familiar to Brits!

Plastika Pelosi’s Bid To Bully Britain 

…comprised 6 Democrats and 2 Republicans, was a brazen bid to hide from her millions of viewers around the world the truth about those two ‘Republicans’



– that they were approved, – and two other real Republicans disapproved! – by Pelosi, on the basis of their readiness to collaborate in reaching the required conclusion.

Indeed, the chairman, Bennie Thomson, after a rambling intro…

– which even managed to include mention of the KKK!



…gave the lead collabo, Liz ‘RINO’ Cheney…

Liz The Liar, Plastiqua’s Puppet! 


…the honour of beginning the orchestrated propaganda circus which they expect us to watch for weeks.

For this, ‘BBC World News’ omitted all the other news?

I suspect, after today’s noisome nonsense, precious few Americans, let alone the rest of us, will continue to watch the wokeful warthogs wallow.

Instead, we’ll be switching to other channels.

Ooops…as I swung through Al Jazeera, CNN, TRT, France24…

….it’s not that easy to escape.

Oh, and before we move on, let’s not ignore the mini-panel which Snooty Trevelyan had assembled as back-up.

Ron Christie, whose rabid hostility to Trump was tweeted thus – @Ron_Christie – on Dec 1, 2020 to @realDonaldTrump

You lost, in my view, due to attributes which you now display: petulance, anger and not being presidential


Joe Moreno ‘former federal prosecutor’ –  who said the opening RINO rant waa ‘Liz Cheney’s finest hour…’



Amanda Renteria, an erstwhile running-dog of guess who…


.. Horrid Hillary, whom Trump defeated in 2016