Told You So! But Muppet Macron’s Flunkey Won’t Own Up!

The French aren’t stupid.

They know that alien savages were up to their necks in the St. Denis mayhem….

Don’t Blame Footie Fans! ‘Twas Macron’s “Migrant” Savages! 

…as we suggested a week ago.

But Le Muppet’s mealy-mouthed minister won’t tell the truth.

Almost two-thirds of French citizens agree with a proposal for authorities to publish the nationality of those arrested during the chaotic scenes that occurred on the evening of the Champions League final in Paris, according to polling published by CNEWS.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has initially refused to do so, opposing suggestions before the Senate law commission.

“I do not have to give the nationality of the people we are questioning,” he told lawmakers.

What a pity Marine didn’t beat The Bankster.


But legislative elections are due in just a week’s time.

Will France wake up?