A Dog’s Life – Ulster Protocol’s Double-Standard?

We must wait and see if Jellyfish Johnson keeps to his word…

( if so, cast your eyes upwards…


…for unusual phenomena)

…on his Protocol Pledge, but who knows?

Meanwhile, yesterday, I came across what may be a minor issue but one which exemplifies the injustice of the dirty deal he struck with the Fourth Reich…




…and please note, even if Bojo moves to suspend the worst impacts, there is no sign he is seriously intent on permanently erasing the jurisdiction of the malevolent ECJ…


Never Trust Those Robed ECJ Rogues 

…over matters that by any normal constitutional standard belong to the United Kingdom’s elected representatives.

Travelling to Northern Ireland with a Dog in 2022 –

Northern Ireland is a fabulous destination to visit with your dog, whether you’re visiting family or friends or touring the beautiful countryside.

However, due to being situated across the Irish Sea and being treated differently since the end of the Brexit transition, it’s potentially trickier to visit than the other countries of the United Kingdom…


That’s stuff you probably all know –  if you live in that part of Her Britannic Majesty’s realm which suffers irrational discrimination due to Bojo’s taste…

…for supping with the Devil without holding tight to a very long spoon.

Yet if loyal British canines are subjected to discriminatory regulation on entering British Ulster from British Scotland, British England and British Wales…



…then pray tell, how come such rabid curs…



..as Simon Coveney…

Cur Coveney? Get A Grip Or Stay Home!

…or yelping poodles like Leo Varadkar…..

Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs.

…have experienced no similar difficulties when barging or mincing across the border from an alien and hostile republic?