Sky News Again Champions Crimmigrant Scum

Sky News must be one of the most nauseating UK media, judging from their collaboration…

Sky News, Pro-Crimmigrant Propaganda Agency! 

….with undesirable aliens like ‘Zahir,’ an illegal whose bona fides are so beyond dispute…


Since Sky News professionalism is such that we only get a fake name for the alien faker, here’s a fake picture to match.


….that the hacks felt it essential to alter his name when presenting their audience with his calumnies against the men whose duty it was to get him aboard the departure which Jellyfish Johnson ultimately cancelled…



…in his latest ‘Conservative’ kow-tow to the Sorosoid ECHR.

I’m not sure whom the Sky slugs are trying to impress by regaling us with the slug’s pantomime yarn, how the unidentified undesirable was ‘hit, kicked and pushed’ before boarding, or rather non-boarding.


While many readers may think the whining swine would be none the worse for a spot of hitting, kicking and/or pushing…

…the private company in charge of preparations asserts their staff did nothing out of line, that “restraint is only used as a last resort” to ensure the safety of those travelling and its staff members.

This includes the prevention of injury or self-harm. Our focus is on treating the people in our care with dignity and respect, and we are confident that our officers have acted professionally,”

Why gate-crashing free-loaders deserve either ‘dignity’ or ‘respect’ is beyond me. The Sky News crew may think people fleeing the safe shores of France deserve sympathy….


…fact is, they’re mere parasites who reckon Johnson’s Britain is a soft touch. In that belief, sadly  the crimmigrants are correct..