Jakarta 17/6/22 – Anti-India Fanatics!


Today, Friday, Jakarta may well be inundated with fanatics, so if your commuter trip takes you anywhere near Jalan Rasuna Said, expect traffic problems.

Yet again, those who mobilise sectarian protests opted for a working day to vent their spleen, rather than a weekend day, which would impact working men and women less.

However, God forbid such considerations might matter to the FPI, PA 212, and GNPF Ulama…



…who, enraged by a perceived slight on their Prophet, are planning to descend on the Indian Embassy.


After the government decreed the dissolution of the sectarian FPI vigilante gang….



…a year or two ago, I had hoped never again to have a headline or even a story featuring those three letters.

But, as often happens in Jakarta, things didn’t work out as expected.

Hanif Al-Athos, son-in-law of the leader of the banned FPI, was declared leader of a new FPI – Front Persaudaraan  Islam – Islamic Brotherhood Front!

Reuni 212, Habib Hanif Ajak Kibarkan Jutaan Bendera Tauhid dan Merah Putih

Habib Muhammad Hanif Al-Athos.

I quote him on an event in France.

 “Never mind, I don’t care. The virtual world says the young person was a  terrorist, I don’t care what they say, Brother….we are Muslims, the young person is a hero, Brother. Allahu akbar, that’s right,” shouted Habib Hanif.  https://news.detik.com/berita/d-5238100/mantu-habib-rizieq-sebut-bocah-pelaku-pemenggalan-di-prancis-pahlawan

Brutal Paris Beheader A ‘Hero,’ Says Jakarta Fanatic! 

So Al-Athos will be among the fanatics in town today.

His comrade, Aziz Yanuar, ‘confirmed the plan of action. He said that 3,000 people will attend the action.’

But listen to Mr. Yanuar’s rhetoric, as he rants about how his mob are to deplore depravity and barbarity and the behavior of the insolent Zionist model from India who is ignorant, racist, fascist and Islamophobic,” Azis told reporters on Thursday (16/6/2022). 

Racist, fascist and Islamophobia?’

Whatever happened to old-fashioned railing against ‘infidels’ and ‘khaffirs’ etc.?

Aziz Yanuar’s outburst sounds like one of those Western ‘activists’ declaring a campus ‘No Platform’ of intolerance…



….for those whose dissenting views make them quiver.

Anyway, here’s the line-up at tomorrow’s shindig.

Aziz said a number of FPI and PA 212 figures would attend, at Buya Ahmad Qurtubi Jaelani, Muhammad Alatas, Ali Alatas, Slamet Maarif, Ahmad Shabri Lubis, Khawit Masyhuri, Habib Hanif Alatas, Habib Novel Chaidir Hasan Bamukmin, to Abdul Qohar Al Qudsy https://news.detik.com/berita/d-6129882/fpi-hingga-pa-212-akan-geruduk-kedubes-india-besok

Some of those names will be familiar. to readers.


Just watch the video-


– which shows him issuing his call for his devout audience to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh (KILL KILL KILL!) Ahmadis, a peaceful, utterly inoffensive religious minority


Novel Bakmunin?

Aaah.  ITMA…

..– “women already have limitations, let alone non- Muslims!”   http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2013/10/26/1937287/.FPIMenolak.Lurah.Susan.Harga.Mati

..Novel Bakmunin……Jakarta Fanatics “Can’t Prevent” Harassment Of French Expats! .

Don’t know about you  but I shall do my best to avoid that part of town.