‘Offensive’ To Say ‘Boys R Boys, Girls R Girls?’

That’s how two far-left pro-freak Labour councillors, Doncaster Council cabinet members Rachael Blake and Lani-Mae Ball….

….responded to a letter sent by a Tory MP to every school in his constituency urging a common-sense approach to transgender ideology…….


Nick Fletcher, MP for Don Valley, South Yorkshire

….oh, and the two fanatics added that the MP’s recognition of biological reality is ‘outdated!’

Well, ‘offensive’ is a dangerous thing to be in present-day Britain…

after the ludicrous lie propagated by  Merseyside Police….


‘Being Offensive Is An Offence?’

Merseyside’s Foulest! Charge Bully-Cops With ‘Wasting Police Time!

..arrogant gaystapo goons, parading their menacing anti-free speech intimidation around another part of the North of England not so long ago.

Not to mention the other risk Fletcher faces…



Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

..from his party leader’s praetorians, the infamous ‘Fairy Circle.’


So, says Labour, Fletcher is wrong to air his views, but the pinko pair are simultaneously entitled to air theirs?

Worse, they are in denial on the ubiquitous assault on decency.

..we wholeheartedly disagree with Nick Fletcher MP that this is dominating public discourse,” they said.



The constant tranny yelpin scarcely skips a media day, their absurd ‘pronoun’ hogwash…

Un-Civil Servants! ‘Third Reich’ Rants By Pronoun Pukes? 

…and the persecution of anyone who takes a stand.


Freaks Amok! JKR’s Truth Targetted! 

How dare the pro-tranny twosome tell Fletcher how to do his job.

Can we suggest that Mr Fletcher deals with the issues most affecting our communities and does the job he was elected to do and represent his constituents?”

How dare they?

Yorkshire is fortunate to have at least one elected representative prepared to reach out to his constituents on an issue far more important than any supermarket price-hike..

.. the indoctrination of his constituents’ children into the deranged belief that sexual maladjustment is acceptable.