Patriotism’s Toxic, But PCF’s Not? Mais Non!

Cordon Sanitaire?’

A French phrase, which, properly used, means a way of penning in something toxic, like the Chinese Virus or similar plagues, so they cannot spread.



Yet it’s been hijacked by the Enemy Within, in France but elsewhere too…



The four main groups in the European Parliament are now all in agreement to keep the ‘cordon sanitaire’ around the ID group, which is now unlikely to obtain any committee chairmanships.

Strasbourg Slug Mafia Breaks The Rules – Dirty Tricks, Again! 

God Save The King – From Orrible Onkelinx


…in order to describe collabo strategies by far-left, ‘centre left,’ ‘centre,’ and ‘centre right’ parties – as a means to target patriots like Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, electoral manoeuvring to keep patriot representation to a minimum.

Never mind that Marine’s candidates did quite well in the first round.


But in France, in Sunday’s second round, where the RN is in with a chance, the left, centre and fake ‘right’ will, if previous practice is repeated….

…do their utmost to swing their support behind whichever of them has the best chance of beating the patriot.


Because the cordon sanitaire’s entire  raison d’etre is based on a belief that Marine’s nationalist ideology…



…is SO bad that ANY alternative is preferable.

To me, that’s wrong, a rotten, twisted way of thinking, always.

But this time it’s more morally awry than usual, because Melenchon…


Gambar terkait



…the far leftist, has entered into formal alliance with the indelibly evil PCF, the French Communist Party…



…heirs to Maurice Thorez, the red traitor, who urged French soldiers to lay down their arms and offer no resistance to Hitler’s hordes.

Melenchon’s motley crew is thus indelibly tainted…



…yet wherever his candidate vies next week with Marine’s, the other in-crowd leaderships will give Melenchon’s man, or woman, the nod of approval.

We must hope the common French folk, regardless of traditional voting habits, will ignore their flawed party elders.