Time To Shut Down Tiverton High?

If I were a parent of any pupil at Tiverton High School in Devon…

  • which thank the Lord I’m not sir! –

…I would not have been consulted by the woke-weasels in charge there on the insane, creepy-crawl edict by which girls are no longer allowed to wear skirts!




And on finally learning of this disgusting obeisance to ‘gender-neutral’ ideology…



…I might very well have located a pitch-fork, rallied other parents…




…and descended on the school, intending at the very least a shut-down, and very possibly defenestratiom  ..

…of those who had imposed the brain-dead diktat.

No coherent explanation has been forthcoming, unsurprisingly, because there are no rational grounds for the move.

But what IS surprising is the geographical location, which, for non-UK readers, I must describe as in a part of Merry Englande, where you’d least expect such decadence.

Please note – while locating this map, I learned that Devon’s motto is ‘Auxilio Divino”
(“With God’s Help”)
Tiverton High parents and pupils sure could use such intervention against the Forces of Darkness.
Devon within England

It’s far from seedy leftist London lairs like Islington, distant too from stalinoid socialist strongholds like Sheffield or Liverpool.

So toxic trash-think has oozed all across the realm…