Electronic Tags For Crimmigrant Curs? OK – If Embedded In BIG Collars!

What’s required, of course, is to get some real policing, haul the politically correct constabulary…


…off their knees and have them saturate areas where ‘asylum’ aliens are known to flock.

Cops usually DO know likely target areas for corralling criminals, make no mistake.

Apart from being a good idea in itself, having police go after the swine mob-handed is an idea alluring also because of the storm of shrilling…

…it would provoke from the vilest elements in the land, the pro-crimmigrant media rats, the over-paid legalice…..

….and the agitprop ‘charities’ and ‘NGOs’ which we have identified often enough.


But when the undesirables are tagged, the tags should NOT be attached to some inconspicuous body part, not their wrists or ankles.

There should be a large distinctive crimmigrant-collar….