Let’s Declare WAR On ‘Inclusion’ – NO Trannies In Women’s Sports!

A welcome statement ( of what should of course be obvious!) from Sebastian Coe, saying that fairness trumps ‘inclusion.”

Bout time!

Surely we’ve gotten sick of hearing that imbecilic word ‘inclusion’ and its ugly sister ‘diversity!’

And speaking of ugly sisters, no doubt that hefty brute Lia Thomas…


Lia Thomas (L) of the University of Pennsylvania stands on the podium after winning the 500-yard freestyle as other medalists (L-R) Emma Weyant, Erica Sullivan and Brooke Forde, pose together in protest….

Three college swimmers who were beaten by transgender rival Lia Thomas staged a protest on the podium after being beaten, with Ms Thomas being booed loudly as she claimed first place.


( NB.   I am prepared to use ”Lia'” because that man has the right to change his name, even though he is a man  – and he can’t change that reality!)

…will soon be belly-aching, as he has done before.

However, pleasingly, other sports, very belatedly  are showing some signs of sense…

…discussing new rules to turn back the tranny tide.

Around 8.15am ( Jakarta time) this morning, BBC’s David Eades had yet another ‘guest…’ 

BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

He has so many!

This time it was a blonde bimbo named Anna Baeth….


Anna Baeth


…and if we prowl the internet, we read that “(she/her)is a critical feminist scholar and a cultural studies practitioner of sport. Her research centers on the gendering of sport spaces, the eternally moving body, and social movements and sport.”

….all the way from Washington…



…..prattling about ‘women with intersex variations,’ boasting of her qualifications to hold forth on freakery -‘I’m a gender scholar!’

A Gender Scholar?’

Sorry, Anna, we don’t need scholars to tell the difference between men and women.

It’s easy!