‘Obscenity’ Thorpe, Green Grot Extraordinaire!

What an extraordinarily repulsive creature that Senator Green-Grot Thorpe is…

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe

The Australian flag represents a colonial invasion, which massacred and murdered thousands of Aboriginal women, men and children,’ she ranted.

All she achieved with that high-pitched whine was to focus even more attention on the rancid disloyalty of her boss, Comrade Bandt, who chose ostentatiously to move his country’s flag ..



…so it wasn’t visible at his press conference earlier this week.

But that Thorpe vixen was in the grip of verbal diarrhoea, unstoppable crap continuing to pour out…

For First Nations people that flag is absurd. It’s an obscenity. The Australian flag does not represent me. It does not represent my family and it does not represent many clans and nations around this country.

It would be nice to think that many Australians who voted Green must suddenly be waking up to the reality of just how foul the Greens, in Australia as everywhere else actually are…

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…but they have none to blame but themselves, for Thorpe’s disloyalty has long been no secret….

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….even to people in Oz who don’t read my humble blog.