Some Readers Are Breakfasting – Boycott Kelloggs!

Having readers all over the world, we can be sure that somewhere, some of them are sitting down to enjoy breakfast.

Hence this is a timely reminder from Breitbart of how the Kellogg collabos have continued their woko-war on their country’s values.

Every time an American family picks up a box of Kellogg’s cereal at the grocery store, it is contributing to the wealthy radical leftwing foundation that agitates for open borders, supports George Soros’s Open Society Institute, and pushes a host of leftwing causes….”


So, a reminder from us too….


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Don’t leave it to our American friends.

Here are a few links for Brits  Contact Kellogg’s | FAQs, Email, Phone and Mail



and NZ –


HERE’S a toll-free number for Canadians to ring. Kelloggs Canada Customer Service Number | Toll Free Phone

Maybe Americans too can use that number, keep ’em busy day and night!



…of what good people should do!