Another ‘Caliphate’ Threat!

When people in Western lands hear the word ‘caliphate,’ those not steeped in history tend to think of the ISIS rape-gang…

…or more specifically, perhaps, of the rabid sex-predator whom a lousy left hack with the Washington Post tried to white-wash.

Sick Media Pigs Wail For “Shy, Near-Sighted Youth Who Liked Soccer!” 

Obit for terrorist al-Baghdadi sparks outrage, satire




….were police have taken action against the Khilafatul Muslimin organization in a number of areas. 

Following after the supreme leader, Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraja , a number of central figures of the Khilafatul Muslimin in several areas were also arrested.

Previously, the Kapolda Metro Jaya Inspector General Fadil Imran said the Khilafatul Muslims committed crimes against the legitimate government..

“Khilafatul Muslimin moves to commit crimes in secret without the victims realizing it.

In fact, this mass organization has built a government structure, built a citizenship system and social structure, an education system, a system for exchanging goods and services, all of which are converging on a situation that shows the existence of a state within a state,” said Inspector General Fadil at a press conference at Polda Metro Jaya. , Jakarta, Thursday (16/6)

Good work, sir, to nail these fanatics.

The original Caliphate, a sectarian theocracy utterly inimical to democratic priniples, was personified for centuries by the Ottoman sultans, till Kemal Ataturk abolished it after WW1.

We might like to believe such a concept would find no support in the modern world..


..but the notorious Hizbut Tahrir, now banned in Indonesia, still clings to it…

Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Australian leader recently called on the country to become an Islamic state ruled by Islamic law and for a boycott of Anzac Day….

The Anti-ANZAC Cancer in Australia!

….given free rein in Australia, BTW, despite grossly offensive outburts by its bigot leaders.

Last I heard, in the UK, Cameron’s cowardly failure to ban HT was being debared again.

What’s happening here should be adduced as evidence in that argument.