Gretch The Wretch Abhors ‘The W-Word!’

We’ve discussed The Mad Woman  of Michigan more than once….

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…but while we criticised her harshly, deservedly, we had not previously felt she was slipping, much earlier than The Dotard…



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…into mental decay.

But what else are we to assume from her latest imbecilic outburst?

So I brought a lawsuit on behalf of all the menstruating people in Michigan — 2.2 million..”


She evidently can’t bring herself to use ‘The W-Word!’


I append another brief extract and the link by which you can read more.

Apparently, Whitmer is doing one of two things here:

Either she’s insinuating that men can also menstruate, or she doesn’t like the word “women” and prefers to call females “menstruating people.”

Either way, it’s ruffling plenty of feathers on the other side of the aisle


She isn’t the only leftess who abhors the word women.

It seems Lady Obama has suggested replacing it with ‘womxn!’