Happy Ending In Horry County No Pride Month…

Happy Ending In Horry County – No Pride Month After All!

A droll story, perhaps, but not without a reminder of the need for vigilance, with Horry County, South Carolina, Council approving June as Pride Month, then unanimously revoking the ghastly ‘gay’ nonsense, after they realised the approval had slipped through without the members realising that item was included in their sgenda!
to rescind the resolution that proclaimed support and acceptance of the LGTBQ+ community.

Councilman Johnny Vaught –

No one on council caught it because the resolution just said ‘pride month…..Councilmen got many emails expressing dismay that council would vote for an LGBTQIA month in such a conservative county. We brought the resolution back up at the next meeting and it was unanimously voted down. Councilmen voted the way their constituents demanded. End of story…”


“I can assure you I will spend more time on the consent agenda than I have in the past,” said Danny Hardee, who felt somebody on the council would have probably picked up on the resolution during “normal times.”


Pat Hartley, clerk to the county council, said Grand Strand PRIDE, a local LGBTQ+ advocacy group, sent an email requesting for the resolution to be placed on the May agenda, which she said was just “par for the course.”


“Grand Strand PRIDE is disheartened by the action of the Horry County Council at their meeting last night quietly rescinding their resolution designating the month of June as PRIDE month in Horry County. This news dampens our spirits but we resolve to make progress by continuing our advocacy work to make all of Horry County inclusive, diverse and equal for all.”