‘Old-Fashioned Notions… Truth…Trust…’ Says Peter Hain?

Forget very old-fashioned notions of truth, sticking to your word, trust…


Who wrote those words, attacking the proposed reforms to the Protocol, in The Guardian this week?

None other than that obnoxious old brute Peter Hain, formerly Secretary of State for Northern Ireland….


peter-hain-$7007015$300Peter Hain


…but long before he held high office, he gained a measure of infamy in South Africa…

In July 1964 John Harris, a close friend of Hain’s family, left a time bomb in Johannesburg railway station.

It killed one person; a grandmother out for the day with her grand-daughter (she was Welsh as it happens: ironic since Hain represents a Welsh constituency).

They had to shovel granny into a sack; her granddaughter had her face blown off; 20 others were seriously injured.



Harris was hanged for the crime.

 Peter Hain spoke at the funeral eulogising this act…


…and soon afterwards Hain and his parents left South Africa to continue their mischief here.

The horribly injured child travelled to England to see Hain; he refused to see her.


Hain is an inveterate and bitter enemy of Britain and always has been.

He is also a moral coward….

He pollutes British politics by his oily presence. 


So Harris was sent, quite rightly, to burn in Hell…



….while Hain, after moving to the UK, eventually became a Labour MP,  one of  B.Liar’s boys?

Recall, how he skulked in the shadows, eager to make a dirty back-room deal with Spain, to sell out Gibraltar…


….much as he slimed around to let loose Sinn Fein/IRA terrorists…. 

A de facto amnesty should be offered to terrorists who killed, bombed and maimed during Northern Ireland’s 30 years of violence, a former Northern Ireland Secretary said yesterday.

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  • Peter Hain’s radical proposal, which would end any prospect of prosecutions in 3,000 unsolved murders from the Troubles, comes on the eve of the first Irish state visit to Britain…. 

‘Let My People Go!’ Says Terrorist Mourner Hain 

How dare he lecture anyone on morality, even a buffoon like Bojo?