Oslo Terror – Another BBC ‘Migrant’ Cover-Up!


After posting my factual account as below, I still has BBC on an hour later, when the previously omitted key facts were added.

Why UK Pravda switched to a more honest report, I don’t know.

Of course it’s to be welcomed, but were they shamed into it by many small blogs etc getting the relevant news out to a wide audience?


Just watched BBC World News, 7.15pm Jakarta time…



…and what a deceitful duet, UK Pravda and their Norwegian NRK comrade…


…providing a reasonable summary of the shooting in Oslo, confirming it’s ‘terrorism…’



…but carefully concealing the fact that the ‘Norwegian citizen’ in custody turns out to be an ‘Iraqi migrant!’


Why omit info highly relevant to the crime, and to migration policy, citizenship vetting  etc?


Kasia Madera was the BBC ‘news’ presenter.

Kasia Madera KASIA MADERA BBC NEWS Newsday 31May2012 YouTube

Best add her name to the long list of UK Pravda personnel to keep an eye on.


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– she’s been noted before by our bias scrutineers!