Did Bestiality Fan Waste Police Time?

The report that a comedian was reported to police by a dork in his audience who didn’t like, or maybe just didn’t get, a joke…


…is only mildly shocking.

We are by now long accustomed to humourless gits who seek to censor entertainment.


BBC Proud Of Its Woke Censoring!

Indeed, British tax-payers are forced to fund some of the worst ideological censorship!

The victim’s name is Joe Lycett, a comedian I’ve honestly never heard of, who has revealed he has been investigated by police – after a person who watched one of his tour shows complained over what they deemed to be an offensive joke.


But Sky News provides a very poor piece of reporting, for it has not found out the name of the complainant…



..nor does it even tell us the joke!

Amusing though it may be to read that Mr.Lycett had to explain the context of his on-stage joke to officers, which meant he had to put the words “giant donkey d***” into a message to the force in question…


  ….we’re left without much to go on.

But WHY has the klutz complainer not been charged with wasting police time?

I suspect because it’s a woko-weasel, and the fact that a dumb animal was part of the jest leads me to attempt  to narrow down the field of suspects.

So of the infamous deviant alphabet soup –


Lesbian, Gay, Bestiality, Transfreak, Queer and Incest?

– which letter is the likeliest in this story?

It surely must be ‘B’ for bestiality!

While the gaystapo gang has ensured that the trannies get priority attention….

The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics



…and homos too…

Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?


…their fellow deviants, the even freakier sort who dig dogs, crave cats and presumably have a thing for beasts of burden too…

…must feel their part of the aberrant agenda is not advancing nearly so rapidly.

Hence the indignation when asses were dissed.