Migrant Savages! Germans Warned Off Public Pools! BBC Cover-Up?

I gather this appalling story of primitives amok at a German public swimming pool was all over German media…


…but has been subjected to one of UK Pravda’s pro-crimmigrant cover-ups.


I’m told the German collabo media hide as much truth as possible by using the term ‘youth gang’ instead of identifying alien scum for what they are…


I give you the gist of it but recommend you read the whole report. another chapter in the sorry saga of how Mama Stasi’s tsunami….



…has turned real Germans into second class citizens in their own country.

Federal Association of German Swimming Champions (BDS) president Peter Harzheim has said he can no longer recommend that families visit such facilities on weekends.;;

While speaking to Bild TV., Harzheim claimed he would be “acting irresponsibly” if he attended an outdoor pool with his own three grandchildren…


Families with children shouldn’t visit outdoor pools due to violence and sexual attacks, warns German swimming association head