Ofsted, A Cabal Controlled By Gender-Bender Jerks?

As I have had to say so often, about so many issues…

Ofsted Logo
——–Curious fact gleaned from Wikipedia –
As of January 2021, seventy per-cent of the inspectors are now headteachers or school leaders.

UK’s Arrogant Ofsted Sticky-Beaks – Protest the Power-Grab!

…we shouldn’t be at all surprised at what Ofsted has been up to.

I refer to the latest ‘revelation,’ that Ofsted, instead of monitoring how good each school may be at educating children, has been shamelessly menacing schools…

…that put insufficient emphasis on woke indoctrination.

Ofsted inspectors have cited the lack of “gender identity” teaching as a contributing factor in downgrading primary schools…

What SHOULD concern parents – and all normal healthy Brits – is not the long-evident fact that Ofsted is clearly run by far-left  fanatics….


  • the same can be said about the NHS and Kew Gardens, for pity’s sakes-

….but the fact that Ofsted has not been taken apart by the so-called ‘Conservative’ government and either replaced by a new and responsible body…



…or purged of sickos obsessed with promoting sexual maladjustment.


I’m not saying one should not tell Ofsted what you think of them.

But the Secretary of State for Education…


…Nadhim Zahawai, is allegedly responsible for schools, so why not tell HIM off?

Email him at the House of Commons.