De-Select ‘Blubby’ May! Solidarity With Ulster!

Some Conservative backbenchers plan to object to the legislation, however, on the basis that it breaches the rule of law....

That includes an erstwhile Remainer loud-mouth…


Official portrait of Simon Hoare (cropped).jpg


…whose empathy with undesirables we have noted before….

Nothing Lower Than A Tory Hoare? 

…yes, ITMA, Simon Hoare, the chair of the Northern Ireland select committee –

Respect for the rule of law runs deep in our Tory veins. I find it extraordinary that a Tory government needs to be reminded of that.”

Time for deselection!

But not just for that Hoare, who seems to have forgotten that the UK is a sovereign realm, that sovereignty means British laws are made in Britain, are supreme in Britain..



…and can be unmade in Britain.

Today we read that Theresa ‘Blubby’ May, a dreadful politician in matters not just of Brexit but of the personal safety of British people….


….as well as of national security – and BTW, she’s a big fan of shariah law…



….has inserted her haggard countenance into the debate.

Speaking in the Commons, Theresa May told MPs that the government’s proposals to modify the Northern Ireland protocol would ‘diminish’ the UK’s standing in the world and she ‘cannot support it’.

The bill proposed by the government, she said, is not ‘legal in international law‘.

Jellyfish Johnson was wrong to sign off on that Protocol pact, but whatever his reasons for re-think, and they are likely very different from my reasoning…



…any effort to remedy the dirty deal, by using normal parliamentary process, aka UK LAW, merits support, not a rabid rant like May’s.

Both Mr. Hoare and Mrs. Haggard deserve to be deselected by their constituency associations.