Great, Greek Cops – If Illegals Ain't Lying!

Don’t you wish that the pathetic UK Border Force could have been even half as resourceful and committed as these Hellenic heroes?



Revealed: Greek police coerce asylum seekers into pushing fellow migrants back to Turkey


There follows a lurid yarn constructed by leftist hacks…


( including people active in the Soros-funded ‘Lighthouse Reports’)


…a yarn based, allegedly, on tales told by unidentified crimmigrants, who were among…

those who responded to the Facebook group Consolidated Rescue group, which had asked people to speak out on the practice…

In other words, a huge, no doubt sumptuously financed, pro-crimmigrant ‘fishing expedition’ anchored in the ‘safe space’ of Zuckwit’s Geekstapo.

And the band played believe it if you like.

But betcha UK Pravda will do its slimy bit to fan the flames of outrage.