Isn’t The NHS Wonderful…For ‘Asylum’ Fakers!

Isn’t the NHS wonderful?


Asylum seekers will have access to a “bespoke” health service, including chemists and opticians, alongside GPs and dentists.

Campaigners against the camp condemn the move, outlining how the services provided to asylum seekers are overwhelmingly better than those offered to residents of Linton-on-Ouse

Poor Brits, Second-Class Cits!

Despite the immense pressure on their budget, all the priority demands to meet the needs of seriously unwell Brits….



Just look at the sicko badges symbolising Tory jackboot policy


BoJo’s Brave New NHS – Hancock’s Hospital Gaystapo!

We understand that fake-‘refugees’ appalling behaviour, as noted previously.…


Deborah Chittenden, director of Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System at the Home Office. Picture: Youtube
 Deborah Chittenden, Priti Patel’s flunkey, whose assertion about the inmates was an affront to every honest citizen! 

..does indicate that medical attention to burns, cuts and bruises may well often be required…



  • …and we might hope that such expensive care might at least mean there is NO excuse ever to let the illegals stray beyond whatever feeble fences may be installed around the camp.

Fat chance – even if the fakers are proven liars, Bojo and Priti….….do nothing to control their prowling

Yet to me, the Tories’ behaviour is something akin to treason.

Frankly, this news is nothing but a gob of spit in British people’s faces.