Uppity BBC ‘BAME’ Berks Gloating?

...the BBC said: “We acknowledge some staff have raised concerns and we will discuss those with them directly.” https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jun/27/bbc-diversity-group-rails-michael-vaughan-commentary

Who the HELL authorised that simultaneously arrogant yet limp-wristed statement?

Arrogant, in that whoever authorised it is basically a parasite drawing a salary from coerced license-holders…


…and should tell them frankly how the BBC handles uppity slugs!

Limp-wristed, in that neither the BBC nor any employer should, even for a twinkling of an eye, tolerate the insolent witch-hunt demand.

We’re talking, of course, about the sportsman defamed by the Cricket Whiner.

Who Volunteers For The Lubianka? 

Englishmen at cricket

But alas, since I composed my new paean of outrage, the witch-hunting vultures have claimed another scalp.

By vultures, I mean ‘the BBC Sport’s Black, Asian and minority ethnic group

  • incidentally, why is a body like BBC, with its snout in the public purse…..


…accommodating internal agitators organised specifically to exclude White people?

…who sent ‘an email to staff at the corporation criticising the “totally inexcusable” decision to employ the 4747-year-old..

Who do these cheeky beggars think they are?

Were I in Mr. Vaughan’s shoes, which thank the Lord I’m not, I’d have urged BBC to slap the twerps down.

He wins no points for backbone by bowing out as he has..

On numerous occasions, I have put on record my views on the issues concerning YCCC,”.

The Kia Oval England v Pakistan - Aug 2010 - Michael Vaughan - Channel 5's Man at the Cricket (4908718949).jpg

“It is always regrettable when commentary on matters off the field take the focus away from what’s happening on the field.

In view of the ongoing dialogue on the subject, I have taken the decision to step back from my work with the BBC for the time being


Why knuckle under to racialised bullies, when he’s repeatedly declared his innocence of the so-called ‘offence?”

It”s the jackals hunting him that should be fired.


Instead they are no doubt gloating.