BBC Bias Ruins Morning Coffee!

A callow youth presented BBC World News at 8am Jakarta time today…spoiling my morning coffee…

…but he’s clearly destined for promotion.

That came after an introductory bias belch from a Beeb Blonde I’ve not noticed before, named Sarah Smith…who gas-bagged that ‘Future Generations May Not Thank’ the US Supreme Court for their carefully argued ruling….


…against The Dotard’s preferred emissions policy.

Nice one SS – who could have said ‘may or may not’  -but that would be objective reporting…



…and we can’t have that, can we?

UK Pravda proceeded to throw its loaded dice at us, a mention of Republican states who liked the verdict, but wow!



A Triple Bias Whammy on behalf of the panic pack, not just one insolent UN meddler….


…’it is not our role to provide legal commentary..’  BUT..

Then we got Ghastly Governor Gavin Newsom, a familiar figure to my readers…

Nasty Newsom V The Rag-Tags? C’mon, BBC! 

California Dream 2 – No More Noisome Newsome? 

…..scolding the high court from amid trees in California.

Newsom is entitled to be heard…


NO Republican governor brought on to dispute the leftist loon’s lamentable lecturing?

And of course, one of BBC’s carefully chosen ‘experts,’ a ‘Climate Change Expert,’ the callow Beeb Boy insisted, and amazingly, Professor Noah Diffenbaugh came onto our screens, answering UK Pravda’s leading questions, eg.

Why are we still arguing about coal in 2022?

Indeed. BBC has taken its own policy decision, that dissenters be silenced, so how dare we argue?