California, Dreaming To Be Mutilation Magnet?

Pretty damned sick, those leftist swine in Sacramento….



…but the formerly Golden State has been working hard on achieving Cess-Pool State status for a long time.

Freebies For Freaks – Palm Springs, Sicko City

California Cover-Up – Gavin’s Crimmigrant Gold-Rush!


Sacramento is California’s state capital, where pinko creep legislators are working on an horrendous scheme to ‘make the state a safe haven for children seeking transgender procedures.’


We’ve been aware of how some divorced or separated parents have used degenerate judges to deny desperate former spouses’ rescue attempts.



The most infamous case was in Canada, where court-house scum even jailed a decent dad.


This latest ‘bill would allow insurance companies and doctors to ignore subpoenas regarding child custody from other states which might not have “gender-affirming” health care for children.’   READ

Yes, do read on, especially the testimony from victims of ‘transition’ mutilation.

It’s heart-breaking.