Can’t Gulf-Bound Queers Just Behave?

I went to the World Cup, once, in Germany, and had a great time.

But I took a dim view of it being held in Qatar…


Yes, Another Petition! After FIFA Scandal, Stop Qatar Cup! 

…because that country is not a democracy.

Just as I disliked all that unsporting ‘sport’ stuff…

Gu Makes Me Spew – Born In The USA But…? 

…in Red China.

However, the decision having been taken, let those go who wish to go.

And let’s not put up with infantile interrogations, viz.


Qatar Fails To Offer World Cup Safety To LQBTQ Fans

Thus the gaystapo-grinches gabble again, seeking sympathy for maladjusts…

In fact, rather than let the numerous gaystapo pressure groups take up the queer cause, the Guardian takes it upon itself to push a list of pushy, downright insolent ‘questions…’


Read the whole load of tripe here..


…aka demands – at Qatar.

  • LGBTQ+ people would be protected by Qatari authorities if threatened because of their sexuality.
  • Maybe the deviants would not be at risk if they dress and behave like normal people?
  • Articles of the Qatari penal code, including those which outlaw “leading, instigating or seducing a male in any way to commit sodomy”, would be suspended during the tournament.
  • Maybe a sovereign state will take badly such an arrogant demand to freeze law enforcement?
  • Fans carrying rainbow flags would be allowed to take them into stadiums.
  • Get stuffed. You take your country’s flag to the World Cup or you don’t take any.
  • The Supreme Committee would specifically welcome LGBTQ+ people as World Cup visitors.
  • Why would they?  Will they specifically welcome each sub-group of the maladjust alphabet soup, viz.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bestiality, Transfreak, Queer and Incest?
  • ooooo

Nobody could blame the Qataris if they responded succinctly..,


But instead the recipients of the Guardian’s importunate epistle offered ‘a general reply’ –

Everyone will be welcome to Qatar in 2022, regardless of their race, background, religion, gender, sexual orientation or nationality.
We are a relatively conservative society – for example, public displays of affection are not a part of our culture.

We believe in mutual respect and so whilst everyone is welcome, what we expect in return is for everyone to respect our culture and traditions.”


Fair enough!

In other words, sexual deviants would in all likelihood be perfectly safe….


….as long as they don’t choose to flaunt their deviant inclinations!