So Some Brits ARE Normal!

 The scenes in London were nauseating, an estimated one million sexual maladjusts –  or cheer-leaders thereof, including both Starmer…


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Stumped By Starmer’s Impotence? Why? 


And his deputy, that gabbling bint Angela Rayner…

  • ..the ongoing culture war over gender rights is causing ‘damage’ to young people – and it is unacceptable to ask a trans woman if they had a penis.’

….yes, Labour’s leaders, among a foul flock of freaks, swarming streets where, on better days, decent British people walk around…


Oops! Wrong photo! Sorry!

…but precious few decent people today.

Yet there were a few.

Sky News recorded the scene, a brave band of anti-perversion protesters, confronted by prancing deviants, whose names are supplied, as if they are ‘celebrities….’

‘…waving their middle fingers and dancing to Whitney Houston…’

That rather sums up the twisted types, whose names I certainly have nevwr heard before.

But though they are shallow and obnoxious, what’s worse is that they are so numerous.


All the more credit to the dauntless counter-demonstrators.