Time To Cleanse The Commons!

Having discussed the matter already…

‘Gay Mafia?’ An Old Headline, Worth Quoting Again

…I’d not thought to return to it so soon, but needs must…

Six new claims of inappropriate behaviour by former deputy chief whip Chris Pincher have emerged...https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-62025612

…if only to mock the BBC’s absurd use of the word ‘inappropriate,’ when the appropriate word for what Pincher’s accused of is ‘disgusting.’

Or maybe ‘offensive’ – or some other appropriately harsh term.

As I’ve said before, re Emma Thompson, it’s a recurring vocabulary problem…




….which now seems engrained in people who lack the guts to call a spade a spade.

What’s ‘inappropriate’ is to wear jeans to a formal ceremony.

Please defend the meaning of the word.


As for the whole story in the Guardian, please note that, not just under Jellyfish Johnson but his predecessors too…


 …the Tories have been harbouring queers, knowingly, in their parliamentary ranks.

But this character, holding a key position, in the Whips’ office, reminds us of the reports on how sexually normal politicians face a praetorian guard…

Nikki da Costa says that Stonewall is dictating government policy on transgender rights. The former senior aide, who quit in August, says that a group of Boris Johnson’s most senior advisers are acting as mouthpieces of the LGBT lobby group, presenting him with “skewed” advice and refusing to arrange meetings with people who disagree.

Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

“There is no other organisation – no business, or charity, no matter how big – that can pick up the phone to a special adviser sitting outside Boris Johnson’s office and get that person to speak directly to the prime minister,” she said.


“But that is the kind of access that Stonewall has…”

Maybe Pincher is totally innocent…

..but If there is even an iota of truth to any of the molestation allegations against the ex-Deputy Chief Whip, he should be expelled, not merely from Bojo’s body-guard troupe…

( for that’s what ‘whips’ are!)

…but from the Parliamentary Conservative Party –  and from Parliament itself!

And if the prattling about ‘values’ we hear from the Jellyfish on his jaunts to Ukraine has any substance at all, the PM should start to atone for his previous shameful appeasement posturing…


Yes, Boris, and others suffer from kleptomania – decent folk send them to therapy!

Jellyfish okayed that propagands for London Transport but vetoed advertising that told truth the gaystapo hates- ‘Some People Are Ex-Gay!’


..and seek to cleanse the Commons of such creatures completely.