Blinken’s ‘Highest Priority?’ Ukraine Or Taiwan?

Putin’s threatened nuclear war if USA help for Ukraine tries his patience.



The Dotard says he’s ready to go to war with Red China, abandoning decades of ‘strategic ambiguity.’


But let’s keep things in perspective!

There is “no higher priority” than bringing basketball star Brittney Griner home, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Friday

A far-left disloyal who disrespects the country that afforded grand opportunities to achieve fame and fortune?

‘Highest Priority?’

Honour Decal’ For Disloyal Griner

As far as Brittney Griner, the Phoenix Mercury center and 2019 WNBA MVP runner-up, is concerned, there’s no valid reason for playing the national anthem before sports events and she plans to take a stand by continuing to remain in the locker room while it is played.

Will BLM Lesbian Griner Stage An Anti-Flag Rant Behind Bars?


Better let her rot!