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    Lousy Lords Loathe British Glory…And The Beer Question.

    If you read The Times last week, you’d have learned that aliens aspiring to become British may be expected to answer questions in a ‘Life in the UK’ test but that it comprises a mere 24 questions.

    If they get 18 right – pass!

    Good aliens who win citizenship and intend to be loyal Brits will presumably work hard to prepare, and good luck to them.

    But hold on!

    The test, we’re told, is not good enough, because it’s “alienating foreigners from participating in society!”



    Who says?

    Why, who else but the lousy lords…

    ( of whom we’ve written previously….

    Lose Those Lousy Lords! Sign Up, If You Haven’t Already! 

    No More Peers, Please, In The Next Honours List! 




    …or at least ‘the House of Lords justice and home affairs committee…’

    And what do these ermine-trimmed un-elected apparatchiks offer us by way of explanation?

    The test “needs to be overhauled because it describes the British Empire as “a force for good in the world”



    These pukey peers think the test is no good because it tells a key truth about Britain?

    Of course the British Empire was a force for good, and among the good things it did, think of Australia, New Zealand and Canada…


    ….and all those countries in Africa which only exist as countries due to the borders laid down by the colonial power and which were given not only form and shape but also democratic constitutions…



    …though sadly some of the latter have been destroyed or at least distorted by local megalomaniacs who betrayed the promise of self-determination by declaring one-party systems.

    Britain made mistakes, from time to time, for instance by denying that right of self-determination to the likes of the Barotse, incorporated into Zambia, and arguably those brave Ibos, who fought but lost ther war to secede from Nigeria.



    Yet overall, whatever the British Empire took in terms of works of native art (and if the Africans now want those returned to Africa, I’m okay with that) the benefits in terms of honest administration, infrastructure, etc. were a pretty good deal.


    So I mock that lordly ‘inquiry’ which has ‘found that people had less respect for the UK after taking the exam. ‘


    That finding is as absurd as their other eureka discovery, that a question about ‘asking for the appropriate action after spilling a beer on someone in a pub’ similarly had the result of ‘diminishing the UK’s reputation abroad.’

    If people from other lands wish to be British, then they not be repelled by the reality of The Sceptred Isle’s glorious heritage…



    …nor by a common-place question on everyday courtesy.








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