BBC Bint’s Unsubstantiated Crimmigrant Claim!

It was 5.20 pm when I heard the ‘news’ according to UK Pravda, some BBC bint prattling about crimmigrants….



…and she had the brass neck to say the swine who pay hefty sums to smugglers ‘come to the UK from countries….to seek a better life   ‘

‘From other countries?’

Yeah, France!

A ‘better life?’



Yeah, gotta be better, alien snouts gouging the publc purse.

Or other motives involved?

How does the BBC bint, whose name was…

Maryam Moshiri Maryam Moshiri Biography ImagesThis Moshiri?


…Moshiri, know why they come?

She must know the lying scum often ditch their documents.

Doing so indicates they are up to no good.


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