Jellyfish Johnson Must Go And Take The Fairy Circle With Him!

Breaking news on UK Pravda, as both the Chancellor and the Health Secretary resign, and it’s clear they are fed up with Jellyfish Johnson’s antics over that git whom he knew was groping men.

Johnson’s a lying turd, but that’s not unusual in politicians. 

But what is nauseating is how he has allowed sexual deviants not only to be part of the Parliamentary Conservative Party but to hold positions of responsibility.



What’s needed now is not only for Johnson to go….

Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

“There is no other organisation – no business, or charity, no matter how big – that can pick up the phone to a special adviser sitting outside Boris Johnson’s office and get that person to speak directly to the prime minister…” 


…but that he take his Fairy Circle with him.