Voracious Varsity Vultures V Democratic Control

Nothing worse than parasites who only take their snouts out of the tax-trough…



…to say ‘Get Stuffed’ to the elected representatives of those –  the tax-payers –  whose largesse they endlessly hog into.

By that, I mean UK university uppities who refuse to heed a government warning about a so-called ‘race equality group’ they’re eager to collaborate with.



Despite Minister Michele Donelan’s caution against complicity with an agitprop outfit calling itself ‘Advance,’ recalcitrant vice-chancellors are seemingly resentful at being reminded they depend on  the public purse….

No apologies for my aggressive approach to this scandalous ivory tower arrogance.

After all, the Guardian hack’s report reeks of partisan bias!

Steve West, who certainly ought to know something about how money is well-spent

The University of the West of England (UWE) revealed that its vice-chancellor, Professor Steve West, claimed expenses of more than £43,000, including £10,000 on taxis provided by an executive car firm.

West also claimed more than £7,000 for a trip to Malaysia and Australia – https://www.theguardian.com/education/2018/feb/24/flowers-drinks-and-a-dog-vice-chancellors-claimed-8m-in-expenses-over-two-y  

  • although counterparts in other UK universities have similar tales to tell.



The letter to Donelan, signed by Prof Steve West, vice-chancellor of the University of the West of England, reminded the minister racism remained “a pervasive societal issue” that affected students from ethnic minority backgrounds


You remind people of facts, like banks are closed on Sundays.

That hogwash from West, his absurd far-left flap-gob claim that racism remained “a pervasive societal issue?”

That is NOT a fact, it’s a facile far-left propaganda yelp.

West found an ally in David Willetts, ‘Conservative peer and former universities minister,

Another unelected nonentity!

“I do wish to see protections for freedom of speech, but it’s very odd to protect freedom of speech at the same time as further intervention…”


These pompous asses seem to think the same as some of the library, museum and Arts Council – and even gardens! – asses think….


Will Bojo Guard Gardens Against Ex-BBC Left Hack? 

Abolish the Arts Council – spiked

….that they enjoy the privilege of unconditional access to tax-payers’ pockets but are then at liberty to squander tax-cash as they please.

Slap ‘Em Down!