After Bojo’s Fairy Circle? BBC’s Favoured Heir!

As we suggested yesterday, Jellyfish Johnson should take his vile hangers-on with him when he goes.

Jellyfish Johnson Must Go And Take The Fairy Circle With Him! 

But BBC today commented on the MP I endorsed as my preferred choice as successor.

Go For It, Suella



Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever Mention Cultural Marxism Again!” 

It was about 12.45 (Indonesian time) that Suella Braverman was mentioned, saying she might well run for leader, and the BBC’s Mark Lobel was quick to beliitle her chances.

But who else then?


Lavelle told us!

You might expect one of the Cabinet ministers who quit – or who have replaced them!

But no, instead we heard a name that’s hardly a household word…

Penny Mordaunt, whom previously we have noticed here

Tell Jellyfish Johnson – Mordaunt Must Go! 

Now why would UK Pravda think first of her?

Here’s your answer, methinks!


James Murray, Sadiq Khan, Penny Mordaunt, Michael Salter Church, James Mordaunt, Alison Champs - Sadiq Khan and Penny Mordaunt Photos - Pride In London 2019 - Zimbio

…and having quickly checked up to see how deep is her attachment to the deviant cause, now I see why BBC, never impartial, is partial to this woman who represents Portsmouth at Westminster.

RT Hon Penny Mordaunt MP, Minister for Women and Equalities, addressed delegates in her keynote speech at LGBT charity Stonewall’s Workplace Conference today (Friday 26 April).

During her speech she highlighted the role organisations and businesses can play in pushing forward LGBT equality.

The cabinet member told the London conference: ‘For some LGBT people, it can still take immense courage just to be themselves. While many battles have been won, complacency is not an option.

She also called on senior leaders in the room to step up as role models for inclusion and diversity in their companies and communities…


And since our black mark against Bojo…



…concerned those Stonewall deviants’ ease of access…

Nikki da Costa says that Stonewall is dictating government policy on transgender rights. The former senior aide, who quit in August, says that a group of Boris Johnson’s most senior advisers are acting as mouthpieces of the LGBT lobby group, presenting him with “skewed” advice and refusing to arrange meetings with people who disagree.

Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

“There is no other organisation – no business, or charity, no matter how big – that can pick up the phone to a special adviser sitting outside Boris Johnson’s office and get that person to speak directly to the prime minister,” she said.

…we can see that if Mordaunt moves into Downing Street, it could be out of the frying pan…