Cops Can’t Catch Him? DISGUSTING!

If you take a break from the decadent West, where gutless craven cops kneel to racist BLM rabble…



… then one place in The Tropics to avoid at all costs, is Jombang, in East Java, where police are unable to arrest a wanted man….

..because a mob of hoodlums won’t let them.

Incredibly, there as negotiations going on, after…

.. leader of the school, Mursyid Thoriqoh Shiddiqiyyah, made Jombang Police Chief Moh Nurhidayat kneel as he demanded that the police drop the charges against his son..

 Video of the interaction went viral and made the police look small when confronted by religious authority…

Already at least one cop has been wounded by violent malignants.


.As I watch the local news right now, there are shocking scenes outside the ‘religious school’ –

…aka pondok pesantren

– which is run by the Islamic ‘scholar’ to whom the police chief was so deferential.

For more background, read this.

–  I have to wonder why the Jombang police are issued with fire-arms…


…if they are not prepared to use them in the face of mob mayhem.

PS. I’m updating this to indicate that plenty of sensible Indonesians share my distaste for the lawless rabble.

A parliamentarian from the PKB party, moderate Muslims, Luqman Hak, has asked the Ministry of Religion not to hesitate to freeze the boarding school’s permit.

Sensible Muslims must be well aware that the reputation of the many respectable ‘pondok pesantren’ can be damaged by reports like this. Good for Luqman Gak.