Mordaunt FAILS To Disown Freakery

Did you see Mordaunt’s campaign kick-off, UK Pravda, 5pm Jakarta time, today, actually quoting a queer, on her prospects.

The most dangerous opponent for Labour” Owen Jones

So we may assume she believes that he believes it.

Owen Jones is a repulsive little creep, a far-left queer who gets paid piles of cash for nasty scribbling in the Guardian..

Patriots Abused As ‘Gammon?’ But That’s A Compliment, You Dimwit Pinkos! 

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Owen ‘The Homo’ Jones


I’d already noticed his opinion, hard not to, when UK Pravda splattered his words across our tv screens last Sunday, 9.26am, ‘BBC World News?’

Could it be that UK Pravda, itself over-flowing with far-left homos, shares Jones’s opinion?

Mordaunt could have used today’s launch to repudiate her previous position on maladjusts.

  She didn’t!

But does Mordaunt fit that description, the Tory Labour most fears?

Well, she might win over a significant number of the LGBTQI…

Lesbian, Gay, Bestiality, Transfreak, Queer and Incest?

…voters whom Labour  LibDems and SNP can usually rely on.

But now we read that Mordaunt’s support for transgender rights, which we higlighted a few days ago…

After Bojo’s Fairy Circle? BBC’s Favoured Heir! 

…has not prevented her becoming a favourite of  grass-roots Conservative Party.

According to a survey of party members by the ConservativeHome website, Mordaunt is the grassroots favourite, followed closely by the former equalities minister Kemi Badenoch

Badenoch is a conservative, Mordaunt is not, so how come Kemi is behind Penny among the rank and file?

Yet according to the far-left Guardian, ‘PM4PM’s status as a big fan of deviant agitprop agendas like that of Stonewall is something she has had to effectively disavow in the early days of the campaign.

Hard to disavow the reality already revealed..

After Bojo’s Fairy Circle? BBC’s Favoured Heir! 

…but trannies try to do so every day…



…so why might their Westminster champion not try a similarly dissimulative trick?

The same Guardian report tells us that Mordaunt’s monstrous stance has been ‘denounced’ by leadership candidates who understand that conservatism is about a lot more than niggling over tax levels.

Suella Braverman apparently identified Mordaunt as ‘being behind legislation that did not refer to a “woman” giving birth, instead referring to a pregnant person..’