‘Pesantren!’ Another ‘Religious School’ In The News!

Sad to say, that piece of dog-sh#t who was sentenced to death a while ago…

Convicted child molester Herry Wirawan.
Convicted child molester Herry Wirawan

...does not seem to have yet been executed.

But now there are new reasons to focus on the need for closer controls on Indonesia’s ‘pondok pesantren,’ ( Islamic religious boarding schools)…

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…of which we have written a lot over the years  

Today I quote from local media.

The alleged rape of a dozen female students by a cleric and senior santri at the Riyadhul Jannah Islamic Boarding School, Beji, Depok, has entered a new phase.


NB, Depok is not some isolated kampung deep in the jungles of Java, but one of Jakarta’s major satellite cities….

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….which I have been to more than once.

It’s home to the prestigious University of Indonesia.

I have also had to write about Depok’s problems in the past.

Now I do so again


Investigators from the Sub Directorate of Renakta Polda Metro Jaya have searched Islamic boarding school to find evidence related to the alleged rape case against dozens of female students.

“Yes, it’s true that we conducted a search and took evidence,” said Deputy Director of the General Crime Investigation Unit (Wadirreskrimum) of the Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Jerry Siagian when confirmed, Friday night.

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