Bastille Day? Rebuild It For Muppet!

Vive La France!

The French have reasons, on this Bastille Day,  to rejoice, after the powerful posse of patriots voted into the National Assembly last month…

….led by our heroine, Marine Le Pen.

But reason to be angry too, at the dirty tricks done by that Melenchon, a man forever tainted by his eagerness to get into bed with the red vermin of the PCF, the Communist Party.

But no matter, nor should we waste time on the crass ill-manners of the far-left little slug, Louis Boyard

“ never pleases Louis Boyard to shake hands with an elected RN”, specifies his press officer. T

…whose refusal to shake hands with a courteous patriot MP shocked every citizen who expects civility from elected representatives.


Many foreign tourists baffle Parisians by asking the way to the Bastille, the famous prison stormed by the revolutionaries in 1789.

Bastille Exterior 1790 or 1791.jpg

The Bastille

The visitors don’t realise that the French revolutionaries didn’t just storm the place. It was demolished, though some time after the storming.

But given the evils done by Le Muppet Macron, both by his actions and his inactions…


More Blood On Macron’s Hands! 

..perhaps plans should be drawn up for reconstruction, with a special cell for those guilty of crimes against the nation.