Brief Respite For Lampedusa? Pity Sicily!

The Italian navy has begun relocating hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers from the Sicilian island of Lampedusa after its refugee identification centre was overwhelmed with new arrivals.



Yes, Lampedusa is a ‘Sicilian island’ but Sicily is a much bigger island.

God help whichever hitherto unblighted spot there is targetted by the callous Draghi coalition in Rome.

Italy – More Parasites Disembark! 



Because instead of taking boat-loads of undesirable illegals back across the Med to whence they came….



…Italy’s Interior Ministry has ordered the navy to ferry 600 ‘asylum’ fakers to another centre in Sicily and from there they were being sent elsewhere in the country.

This, despite one outrage after another committed by imported savages, in Lampedusa…

Truth Told – Threatening, Thieving…Migrant Molestation! 

Pity Little Lampedusa, Swamped By Conte’s Crimmigrants! 

…and all over Italy, for that matter….

Italy’s ‘Poor Desperate Migrants’ Inflict Torture, Sexual Assault!

Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  

Filthy Savages Amok Again – Wake Up, Italy! 

Italy: 30 North African migrants sexually assault 6 teen girls on train to Milan Italy: 30 North African migrants sexually assault 6 teen girls on train to Milan

Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

Even Nuns Aren’t Safe From Crimmigrant Curs?

  …by parasites seemingly incapable of any modicum of gratitude.

That’s why the possible collapse of Draghi’s gang from power is devoutly to be hoped for, with the prospect of elections…


…which could replace the Europhiliac pro-crimmigrant cabal with a patriot government, led by that grand gal….


…Giorgia Meloni, whose understanding of the true character of the tsunami has been obvious since she spoke out on vile criminal offences committed by ‘maghreb worms!’

Bellissima! Will Italian Voters Opt For A Right Beauty? 

…and will get it reversed.