Insolent (And Infested) Eire Slams Rwanda Plan!

The logic says there’s a knock-on, and we’re experiencing that knock-on here”, the IRC secretary-general Liam O’Dwyer said.

This positive (  ?!? ) appraisal from the ‘Irish Red Cross’ is included in a report on how Eire is now having to put REAL refugees, Ukrainians, ‘in tents on an army base from Monday,’  because it’s already’full capacity’ at the big Dublin reception centre.

And that NGO is in tune with the Dublin government view.


Fine Fail leader Micheal Martin.


Taoiseach Micheal Martin said the accommodation situation was partly due to a recent increase in people coming to Ireland because of the controversial Rwanda scheme.

Well, at least somebody thinks the Johnson/Patel plan to deter the parasite tsunami is working!

If only it were!

You might think that insolent pup in Dublin (Martin, not O’Dwyer!) whining that the Rwanda proposals…

– .’clearly may have motivated people utilising the Common Travel Area to come into the Republic –   

….would reason that, if the UK scheme is having a deterrent effect on crimmigrants, his own country could usefully follow suit.

There’s plenty of people in Eire who are sick and tired of undesirable aliens (NOT, please note, Ukrainians!) leeching off the public purse and showing few if any signs of gratitude..



But instead he says Britain is ‘wrong’ to send fakers packing – Irish prime minister calls UK’s Rwanda scheme for asylum seekers ‘shocking..’

But then, his hostile and expansionist republic has long had a perverse and immoral approach to questions of ‘asylum.’

Think back, Brits, and ponder how Dublin repeatedly gave sanctuary to fleeing vermin…


…the cowards of the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang, unwilling to answer for their outrages in honest courts, instead protected by Eire law from extradition.

Think back –  and know your enemy.