As Draghi Totters, Giorgia’s On My Mind!

BBC had news today from Italy!

Despite the desperate efforts by Italy’s rabidly Europhiliac President…

Old photo – Two Arrogant Examples of the Enemy Within? The Matarella/Merkel Axis

Vaffanculo, Matarella! Impeach This Lousy President! 

…it seems he’s failed to keep Draghi’s coalition in power…

…and that can only be a good thing.

Draghi’s Dangerous! Don’t Forget We Warned You!

The equally Europhiliac PM has done nothing to stop the tsunami, which – Brits don’t forget! – has a knock-on effect, as the alien parasites swarm up through France and on to Calais!


Though of course many do stay and make life hell for decent Italians…

Filthy Savages Amok Again – Wake Up, Italy!

…as we have often noted.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed that Italy’s brightest hope….

Avanti Popolo! Meloni, Italy’s Hope!

YES, we have called her that before!

…will finally get her chance to sort the tormented country out.