Putin Slums It With Sectarian Tyrants

I often slam France24 for its far-left bias…

…..but today I must commend the tax-funded propaganda channel…

….. …

Gambar terkait

France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! 

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…fot a report on the No To Hijab campaign, on brave women in Iran, where the evil sectarian regime installed by the nasty old brute Khomeini  decades ago…



….has apparently stepped up its oppression of women….



..as well as their hair, the veil must now cover the neck and shoulders.

Well, that’s fine, IF the women want to wear the veil.

Plenty don’t

‘A number of women have been arrested..’ we hear….



…but some are willing to be subjugated –  the camera switched to a rally for primitives to celebrate..

The National Day of Hijab and Chastity

That was staged on 12th July, and damned if I can figure out how come the two words have any connection.

Lots of chaste, decent, modest women don’t don head shrouds..



…and there’s nothing to stop a shroudy being a slut!

We saw an ignorant bitch on a bus, shrieking aggressively at a woman who dared board the bus dressed like a normal woman.

Here’s the link…


….so you can watch it for yourselves

And we were pleased to hear that the shrieker was shoved off the bus by the other passengers!

But fact is, the resistance to backward bone-head rules on ladies’ wear will not be successful…



…until the people of Iran take back their country from the backward, bone-head goat-beards who have held them in servitude for so long.


May justice then be done!