Ahoy, Rishi! No Cruise Liners For Crimmigrants!

A brief catch-up on the Tory in-fighting  finds I missed a detail of Sunak’s manifesto  – his plan ‘to house migrants in cruise ships instead of hotels to save money…’

Sure, saving money is a good thing, but that’s hardly the only issue that enrages honest decent Brits when they read of  parasites picked up by Priti’s taxi service…

…..and deposited in hotels.

It’s the very idea of making these lawless brutes feel welcome that’s offensive.

So cruise ships are not an acceptable alternative.

We all know they’re pleasant, in fact downright fun….


VAE-dubai-QE II cropped.jpg

I once enjoyed a break on the Q E 2


…and that’s not what crimmigrants deserve.

They should be treated in ways that make them lie awake at night wishing to God they’d stayed in France…


…or better still in whatever wretched place they originally oozed out of..

Isolated, disagreeable and easily guarded 24/7…

I.o.M. Rejects Crimmigrants, But St Kilda’s Ideal!. 

No Man's Land

Not St.Kilda, but another of Britain’s numerous offshore and uninhabited islands

…and I’ve already shown the way forward.

Astoundingly,  even Sunak’s cruise line scheme ‘was criticised by Truss’s campaign, which said the move would be likely to amount to arbitrary detention and a breach of domestic and international law..’ https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jul/24/rishi-sunak-and-liz-truss-vow-dramatic-expansion-of-rwanda-asylum-scheme

So all required to implement any such scheme, Rishi’s or my better one, is derogate from all intrusive ‘international law’ –


– and amend existing ‘domestic law ‘ –  a simple parliam3ntary majority vote should suffice.