Bravo! UK Mums Fight Foul Freak-Shows!

Reading Borough Council?

Never written a thing about that obscure local government institution.

Until today!

For based on British media reporting, an attempt to foist a degenerate freak-show on defenceless children this week…

…blew up in the sickos’ faces.

Protesters storm first drag queen storytime for primary school children

Mothers infiltrate library event, saying: ‘We’re here to protect children…

The Drag Queen Story Hour UK in Reading was interrupted by protesters

The first drag queen “story hour” for children in a UK-wide tour of council libraries has descended into chaos after it was stormed by protesters….

Not before time!

It’s taken a whle for Brits to realise that the toxic ‘Drag’ trash that’s proliferating across North America…

Who’s Funding Foul Frolics In LA? 

…was bound to cross the Atlantic.

But it’s good to read…

…how decent people in the UK have been organising against the sleazy indoctrination.

Importantly, if you read that linked report, you’ll find this attempt by the Enemy Within to exculpate themselves –

Performances are very similar to pantomimes, except they are explicitly literacy-focused and support inclusivity in communities and an interest in reading,” said a spokesperson for the drag queen group.

Got that?

Very similar to pantomimes?

Remember those harmless figures of fun, the pantomime dames?

Then read that sentence above slowly and carefully.

Except that….


..they support inclusivity. “

Including Sexual Maladjusts?

NOT Acceptable!