Monkey Pox And Vasan’s Vacuous Vapourings

A New York City nonentity named Ashwin Vasan has gotten his pinko knickers in a twist because he thinks the disease bothering so many sexual maladjusts should not be called “monkeypox.”

  • Dr. Ashwin Vasan
  • He’s the NYC Health Commissioner and here’s a quote from his demented demand.

“Continuing to use the term ‘monkeypox’ to describe the current outbreak may reignite these traumatic feelings of racism and stigma — particularly for Black people and other people of color, as well as members of the LGBTQIA+ communities, and it is possible that they may avoid engaging in vital health care services because of it,” he continues…

To be perfectly frank, this is just incomprehensible.

Monkeys, here in Indonesia at least, have not been staging protests, and are probably more concerned at the downturn in tourism and the consequent absence of food-treats….


…though with the return of tourists, post-pandemic, things may be brighter in Bali soon.

In fact, for this blathering Vasan to perceive some unspecifiable link between the word ‘monkey’ and..

A queers


B coloured people…

…seems to me downright nasty, insulting to the monkeys to link them with sexual deviants and insulting to coloured people to link them with monkeys.