Far-Left Shrew-Senator Throws Tantrum!

I see that repulsive pro-crimmigrant shrew, Senator Lydia Thorpe…

Obscenity’ Thorpe, Green Grot Extraordinaire! 

…whom we wrote about not that long ago, has been behaving as badly….

….as one might expect  . https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/aug/01/australian-greens-senator-lidia-thorpe-calls-queen-coloniser-while-being-sworn-into-parliament

…but most Aussie readers will have seen the far-left fanatic on ABC….

…where most of the flunkeys no doubt adore the abominable Aborigine  – who doesn’t really look much like an Aborigine at all!

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe

So I merely note something she said while tantrumming.

‘I am here for my people…

Like, who’s she talking about?

MPs in the UK have a duty to represent everyone in their electoral area ( and in my experience, most do  their best to help any constituent with a problem)

Same presumably goes for MPs and Senators in Oz.

So to whom was Thorpe referring, as ‘my people?’

Everyone on her state voter roll, as is her duty?

Or do her words indicate a view that Aboriginal ethnicity trumps all else?

If so…

One hopes not!

Just asking!


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