New Anti-Europe Diktat From ECJ

Migrant rescue boats can’t be impounded if they are overloaded

We all hate the ECHR, for good reason, especially after the swine interdicted that Rwanda flight, when Jellyfish and Priti Useless knuckled under…

Told You So! Bojo Won’t Free UK From ECHR

Take Back Control?

…but it’s important also to hate the European Court of Justice, easy for Brits, out of solidarity with their fellow-citizens in Ulster, betrayed by Bojo’s ‘Protocol…’



…but also for the French, whose police have been ordered by the ECJ not to detain undesirable aliens illegally in France.

Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

But now EVERY patriot, in every European country, has fresh cause to detest those robed scum.


European Court of Justice decision means search-and-rescue boats can no longer be detained on spurious gronds by maritime authorities

Spurious grounds?

Who needs ‘spurious grounds…’

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…when there are glaringly GENUINE grounds,  such as national security, knowing how so many fake-refugees turn their hands to terror, once in civilised countries?


…such as safety of women and  children, knowing how so many savages prey on innocents, once among civilised people?