Operation Motorman, Belated But Good, Should Be Celebrated!

I remember very well how we applauded those televised images of HM Forces taking action, which many of us had been urging for quite a long time…


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…to liberate a part of the United Kingdom occupied by undesirables, who quickly melted away, as Sinn Fein/IRA yellow-bellies tend to do..


Those servicemen involved are absolutely entitled to enjoy a reunion to celebrate the operation.



Looks like they’re going to get a lawyer’s letter!

Soldiers involved in Operation Motorman met for a 50th reunion party at the weekend while families of those killed held commemoration events in Derry.

The gathering has prompted a solicitor representing the family of 15-year-old victim Daniel Hegarty to write to the director of public prosecutions requesting that the organiser and guests of the event be contacted.


Any such letter merits a succinct response.